Bunnies are handicraft products that have become extremely popular as symbols of a beloved family. These figurines are made by hand, from keyfa. Wooden toys are extremely durable and resistant. Animal figures have played an important role in the world of children's toys for many decades. Not only because their fine workmanship and sweet appearance make many children's hearts skip a beat, but also because these handmade wooden animals are CE certified. This means that they fully comply with European Union standards, so our toys are safe for children. Wooden animals contribute significantly to the development and imagination of children. Imagine a child happily playing with a wooden animal, pushing the limits of his imagination and enjoying exciting adventures together with toys. The shape, smooth surface and clean appearance of the toys create a pleasant feeling in the child and accompany them from the first years until adolescence. Animal families represent the true unity of a family, love and belonging. Made-to-order product, with a maximum completion time of 3 weeks. If you need it sooner, please contact us by phone: +36209378928 or email: helart@helart.hu

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The animal families belong to the category of craft toys, which I make out of wood for the age group 0-99. These toys are special, as they contribute to the implementation of the principle of eco-awareness and sustainability through their demanding design and use of natural materials. This type of toy not only provides children with fun and a creative gaming experience, but also helps the development of fine motor skills and the coordination of their senses when putting them together. In addition, wooden toys are timeless, thanks to which they can provide happiness and fun for generations. Animal family craft toys are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to buy quality and environmentally friendly toys

7 000 Ft - 10 500 Ft