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The weekly counter is an exciting and creative tool that helps children understand the concept of time and plan their week. In the Waldorf pedagogical approach, it is considered important that children acquire new knowledge with pleasure and fun, and this playful and interactive tool provides the perfect opportunity for this. The counter and weather in the Waldorf theme is a counter on which children can place the correct figure for the given day each day, thus helping to distinguish between weekdays and weekends. In addition, they can indicate the current weather, for example sunny, rainy, cloudy weather. This tool not only helps to develop math skills, but also helps to learn the daily routine. Children become closer to time and the passage of time, and thus develop patience, organization and time management skills. The weekly counter and weather in the Waldorf theme can be used not only at home, but also in a kindergarten or school environment. Children can be actively involved in filling it in and marking the weather, which encourages creativity and communication. It's a playful, interactive and fun way to introduce children to math and the concept of time.

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Családi egyensúlyozó játék

8 000 Ft

Nyuszi stacker

16*20 cm
7 900 Ft

Fejlesztő építő elemek -minden korosztály számára 3-99 éves korig
Fából készült, gyerekbarát felületkezeléssel, az európai szabványoknak megfelelően.
A variációk száma végtelen, használd ki a kreativitásod !
7 900 Ft - 10 900 Ft